Mantrailing-International Trainingscenter Kraukau/Polen - Ausbildung & Fortbildung Mantrailer - Personenspürhunde - in Deutschland und ganz Europa !

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Mantrailing-International Trainingscenter Kraukau/Polen

G TEAM Canine Insitute

G Team Canine Institute is a professional dog training center. We are the first branch of Mantrailing International Training Center in Poland. In Kraków, we are currently the one and only dog training center accredited by Polish Nosework Association. We specialize in mantrailing, nosework, obedience, dog fitness, rehabilitation of reactive and aggressive dogs and building relationship between handler and a dog.

Agnieszka Janarek

Optimistic, energetic trainer with passion.
Founder of Polish Nosework association. Owner of three, rescued mixed breeds with whom she takes part in various canine sports. As a trainer she is not afraid of difficult cases and treats each and every dog with individual approach.
She relays on international education (courses and seminars in the USAA, UK, Netherlands, Germany) and experience. Her priorities are dog-handler relationship and balance between maintaining precision and fun.

Master Degree form Law School in Jagiellonian University and Certificate of American Law Program Berkeley University of California (USA)

TAKL – Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence
Mantrailing International Instructor Course – G Team Canine Institute is the first Polish branch of Mantrailing International Andreas Ebert
Canine Fitness Trainer by Debbie Gross
Founder of Polish Nosework Organization
Owner of Mantrailing International Training Center Poland Cracov
Active competitor in various canine sports
Licensed Polish Nosework Association Trainer
Countless number of seminars and lectures

Dog training foundations  
Obedience – trial preparation
Mantrailing – preparation for Mantrailing Prüfung by Mantrailing International
Nosework – preparation for exams and trials
Aggressive and reactive dogs rehabilitation
Building relationship between dog and handler
Dog fitness
Puppy class

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